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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 8, 2010 9:00pm-9:45pm PST

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. 10:00 news. a new twist surrounding these photos. new research backs away area woman's account, the products are of her resultative and not a famous photographer. i am ken wayne, it is a story that came outlast month. a fresno man who bought pictures turned out to be long lost images shot by adams worth millions of dollars but as we pointed out, there are
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questions about the fresno man's story backing the claims of a woman who says those pictures are probably taken by her uncle. christian? >> reporter: they say a set of photographic plates were not taken by adams. scott nickles have sold a number of adams' prints. they compared it to an oakland woman who says her uncle was the photographer. while they are nice photos they were not taken by adams. >> my conclusion is that they are uncle earl's. >> reporter: the debate heated up late last month. the man who bought the plates for $45 held a news conference saying they were taken by
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adams. marion walton said she recognized them. she said the picture was taken by her uncle earl brooks and she handed them over to experts. they say three of those photos matched the negatives from the garage sale. he says the comparison analysis proves it. >> everybody that really understood his work and new about it told them for years, these are not adams. >> reporter: but supporters say the people who publicked the work stand to loose out on millions of dollars if the photos are authentic and that has clouded their judgment. >> all that we have is that someone named earl brooks owned some prints. there is no indication he ever
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took any of these photographs. >> now there are not just bragging rights, if these photographs were taken by adams these photographs could be worth hundreds of dollars so the dispute is not over yet. highway patrol is searching for an armed driver following a shooting on a south bay freeway. it happened last night in san jose. authorities say the driver after white chevy trailblazer hit the durango four times an injured a male passengers. his condition has not been made public. they striked him as a latino. any information about the shooting is asked to call police. anybody holding a cell phone and particularring while driving -- texting while driving officers are looking for you.
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they are stepping up for a one day crackdown this week. >> reporter: the east shore freeway is one of the busiest stretches in the bay area. on tuesday the highway patrol will be cragging down on drivers using their cell phones illegally here and across the state. on the roads there were plenty of obvious distractions, searching for something, a dog, but it also causes the most inattentive drivers. >> are they falling asleep, are they under the influence of alcohol or drugs and as you get closer and make an observation, you notice they are either texting or talking on the phone. >> reporter: if you noticed you can see how many drivers are texting while holding a phone. every driver we met said it concerns them. >> i know people who do it and it is a bit disturbing.
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especially when they are in the fast lane. >> you wonder if they are paying attention on the road, so you know, i know i think quite a few people do it. >> yes, they are would beeling -- wantel -- whop hobbling -- hobbling. >> more than 1200 crashes statewide have involved cell phones. 16 people have been killed and 1800 have been injured. >> it requires 100% of your attention at all times and when you text on the cell phone you create a blind spot or you might not see that motorcyclist. >> reporter: many people say they never use their cell phones improperly. >> do you ever do it? >> i have enough tickets. >> reporter: the crackdown will happen on tuesday and again on
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august 18th. officers are always searching for improper cell phone use. san francisco engineers are still trying to determine what caused an electrical engineer that shut down a lighting system. a malfunctioning system on church street failed 11:30 this morning and they needed to shut down all service. they provided bus bridges until it was stored before 3:00 this afternoon. the woman arrested for the alleged sexual assault of two boys is expected to make an appearance in court. she is charged with more than 60 counts of felony sexual assault. she also faces charges for driving boys in her hummer as
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they shot beebee guns. a bill that will crackdown on sex offenders is undergoing changes. it will require them to go to prison for life without parole. to make room, a new amendment will pay the county jails instead. they consider the bill this week and it is named for the 17- year-old san diego girl who was murdered by a repeat sex offender. they are urging residents to report cases of elder abuse. they are offering training services on how to see abuse. it includes free fusing -- refusing to eat and financial exploitation. if the -- exploitation. if the victim lives in a nursing home you can call the number on your screen. it ended with one person being rushed to a hospital.
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it happened just before 1:00 last night. fire department dispatchers say the call came in about a burning tire which spread to the building. rescuers pulled one person from the burning apartment. the victim was taken to the hospital. there is no word on the extent of his or her injuries. they helped to save an old victorrian hope. the firefighters recently reopened the 15th street station and were dispatched to the scene. neighbors had nothing but praise for the firefighters. >> as much as they are depleted, i can't put in words how a procedure why i have -- a procedure whytive i am -- how appreciative i am of them. >> it was a discarded cigar
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butt. they estimated $60,000 in damage. would learned more about a deadly crash that happened last night. a 22-year-old napaman was driving when someone shot him in the head. the man's foot hit the gas pedal and smashed into the home on beach street. nobody in the home was injured. anybody with information on this case is asked to call police. police are investigating a second shooting. a man was found dead inside a white truck at the tell lucks inn. no other -- deluxe inn, no other -- no other details are available. 50-year-old jody fisher revealed her identify and said she was quote surprised and saddened that the ceo lost his job. the two knew each other through
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the contract jobs. she reportedly made up to $5,000 per event to greet people. fisher acknowledged herb paid her privately. the operation led to allegations herb falsified. this ultimately led to her forced resignation on friday. the boy was or roughed for arson a -- arrested for arson after starting fires. the 40-acre blaze broke out this afternoon. l.a. county sheriff's deputies said the boy told them he was smoking marijuana in a field when he dropped a lighter and started the fire. another boy was arrested and a 63-year-old man was also arrested for refusing to move from the scene and obstructing firefighters. they battled a spectacular
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house fire which moved to a nearby home and burned some trees. as you can see they had to cut holes which allowed them to spray water on the fire. there is no word of the extent of the damage. patricia neil has died at the age of 84 years old. >> you can finish that in the morning. >> reporter: neil started in many dramas, the day the earth stood still. she won an oscar acting opposite paul newman. she earned another oscar nomination for the subject she died in her home in massachusetts. a reunion on the rock, we will relive the history of some of mark's most famous prisons and how it grows.
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the government point man gives his assessment of the oil giant. and we will tell you what some people have been doing to find fun during the summer, the news will be back in a moment.
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. 76 years have passed since
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the u.s. penitentiary alcatraz opened. they commemorated it but returning to the rock and sharing their firsthand accounts. ken has some of them. >> reporter: for those who chose this day for a tour, their timing... >> this is the opening of alcatraz. >> reporter: it was great. at his desk in the main cell block was one officer. >> i was the last guard out. >> reporter: they called other former officers the alumni of alcatraz, a group that grows smaller with every passing year. >> the average age is probably 80 years or better, so little by little we are losing some . >> they and others represent
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history, also because it was a military prison in 1934. >> when it was military it was just perfect. now i am looking at the paint peeling off the walls. >> reporter: betty says alcatraz was pristine when she moved here with her army family. this is the first time she is leaving since age 17. >> i am getting old and i thought it would be nice. >> reporter: robert lucas says he felt trepidation on this anniversary. the former prisoner has not set foot on the rock since 1959 today, he shared his story with fascinated tourists. >> i am not used to talking to people. >> reporter: but talking is what he hopes he will -- they hope he will do. he put his story to paper.
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>> i told him you better write a book. because once you are gone, the memories are gone. >> reporter: the guards and memories are still alive, channel 2 news. they arrested two teenagers after a break-in at a high school. they responded to an alarm at the christian high school and found the boys inside with flashlights. the boys ran but police caught a 15-year-old and arrested a 17- year-old of a tasering him. both teens are from concord. they were booked on suspicious of -- suspicion of burglary. today police arrested the mother of one of the suspects. john and tracy prove fins he is -- province escaped and have been on the run ever since. he was quickly rearrested.
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the mother was arrested yesterday accused of helping her son. police believe are in the yellow stone area. they are linked to the death of a couple found inside a burning camper. crews are preparing for the final phase of drilling of relief well. it shows the seal is firmly in place and that means bp engineers can begin drying the final 100 -- drilling the final 100 feet of the relief well meant to close the well for good >> they are a large global production company. they don't deal with individuals on a large transection pros -- transaction
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process. >> it reveals they had a history of issues. documents reveal 400 maintenance tasks that were overdue. the rig exploded killing 11 people. the atmospheric administration shows where the nearly 500 million barrels have gone. 16% they say was dissolved by chemical dispersants. you will find more coverage of the gulf oil slick by going to our website and clicking on the u.s. world tab near the top. he spoke this morning on fox news sunday about this week's decision. ted allison shocked many conservatives when he took up
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the cause same sex marriages. he spoke today about the victory. >> the right to marry a person of your choice is a part of liberty, privacy spiritualty to each individual under the constitution. >> olson went on to say the decision was not an act of judicial activistism but judicial responsibility. the case may ultimately wind up before the supreme court. an oil spill caused them to shut down on the eastbound lanes of i-80. they closed the 2 right hand lanes for more than an hour. it created a huge traffic jam. by 1:00 p.m. the accident was cleared and traffic was flowing again. policeel say they don't know what caused that spill. the bay area is stuck in
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this unusually cool summer air pattern and the gloom has not gone away. some bay area businesses say there are benefits to the not so hot temperatures. >> reporter: businesses are fine despite the bay area's coolest summer in nearly 30 years. >> we notice a lot of people just trying to get out of the fog. it has been a little cooler but we saw the sunshine in concord. >> we learned the term is relative when we spoke with two girls from san francisco. >> this is better than the san francisco weather, it is warmer but windy. >> reporter: still people live especially if they are swimming. >> i thought it was going to be hotter than last year. >> reporter: 20 minutes away at six flags the overcast cleared at 10:20 and despite a breeze it was warming up but people
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were walking with jackets sweatshirts and sweaters. even this man from lafayette. >> i thought i would keep the jacket with me. >> it is pretty much a lot of fog in the morning and breaks up in the afternoon. >> we expected it to be cooler than it is right now. >> reporter: even visitors from normally cold england were surprised at our weather. >> we come here because is consistently sunny and warm. >> reporter: the programs may have something to do with business increasing at six flags in comparison to a year ago. they see a silverling in the cool weather. >> what is nice is a lot of people are purchasing sweatshirts. >> indian summer is just around the corner so there is still time to warm up. a spectacular fire on the water off the southern
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california coast this weekend, find out who came to the rescue of the boaters. what exactly lives in the waters off the san francisco coastline. what is below the surface is critical for the future. we have cooler temperatures in the forecast over the next few days but our weather story will be changes later in the week. details are coming up.
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. following a developing story out of san francisco where two people were shot near a nightclub. it happened in the city's tenderloin district. this is a live picture of the scene. mason is shut down as police investigate the scene. no special events were scheduled tonight which is known for hosting world renown djs. we will have more details on the shooting as soon as it
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becomes available. the body of 10 aide workers after they were executed by the taliban. they were accused of spying and preaching christianity. the widow of expedition's leader denies those claims. >> they were nonpolitical. they were a medical team and that was it. you don't pull out when people are being killed. >> some of the aide workers were memorialized. six were from the u.s., another from england, one from germany and two from afghanistan. 200 federal police officers were arrested, one of their commanders was accused of would being with a drug cartel. of the officers claimed the
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commander would plant drugs on his fellow officers and black male them to work for the drug cartels. he was arrested on corruption charges this weekend. hundreds have been left homeless after heavy rains triggered flash floods in the check public. it was made worse near the german border causing the river to crest at its highest level in nearly a central. it ran a ground on a sand bar after being struck by a ship carrying coal, some are loaded with hazardous chemicals. the indian coast guard is spraying oil dispersants but they have no way of skumming the oil. >> -- skimming the oil.
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the boat was sailing four miles off the area when another coast guard reported the fire. boaters rescued them while another agency put out the fire. nobody was seriously injured and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a florida count walked away from injuries from what could have been a deadly plane crash in vermont. the plane apparently lost power. it guided around for a landing but the landing gear collapsed causing the plane to flip over on the runway. live outside the golden gate, coming up, we go out there with a scientist trying to find out why. and they have headed up a search for him.
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stay tuned. you've never seen fast.
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. bay area scientists are uncovering fascinating information about sea life and they discovered something unusual this year. more whales are here than usual. ken takes us inside the information that goes beyond whale watching. >> blue whales at 11:00. >> reporter: the site of blue whales arching slowly into the depths. it is the variety of these animals now swimming a few miles from san francisco that sets this year apart. >> well we have been out for ten days and we have seen almost every species you could possibly see. >> reporter: janet is here with
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the sanctuary. we joined her and a team of scientists. their mission to draw a complete picture of the a jay san -- adjacent national marine sanction ware from the largest to the very small. this research is part of a program called access, a joint scientist if i can effort -- scientist if i can effort to learn what is here off the san francisco coast and how to conserve them. it leads scientists to take in data from spotters. they count and note the location of birds, seals and a variety of whales. >> one thank you cannot appreciate on television is whale breath. you can see them but you can also smell them because as they
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breathe you can smell them because they leave behind a strong smell of fish in the air. >> it is a very thick concentration. >> reporter: they drop nets to capture cell which are a key source of food for the giants and this year they are in abundance. this research is intended to track changes in the food chain to help predict future events. in 2005 and 20006 scientists say there was very little food for the whales. last year scientists discovered certain fish populations such as scar dunes and chose voice
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-- certain fish food was readily available. these expeditions take place every year and enable scientists to track where animal sea life gather in numbers. more importantly they want to know if they move within the sanctuary. >> -- sanction wares. >> ultimately the data scientists gather to make policy changes to promote our marine sanctuaries off the coast. >> to know it is to love it and to love it is to protect it. >> reporter: near the islands, ken pritchard k tv u news.
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today a group dedicated to finding missing children opened a new office. the citizens for the lost society has helped to organize fundraisers in this case and stands ready to help others. >> when a family member goes missing the last thank you should have to worry about is where do i get flyers, how do i pay for flyers who can help me dispute them, how can we keep their name in the news media. >> reporter: police arrested the fosters past -- foster parents and they left the bay area to live separately in other parts of the country. it appears a vendor is the problem. voting materials have some without voter information guides. leading up to the june 8th
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election guides, they were made aware of the events. he had a hitted -- admitted sending duplicate guides while failing to send others. they walked together in the fog of chrissy fields after a warmup rally. they organized the march saying ageism affects everyone and she sees 24-year-olds complain about age did you grim nation in the dark discrimination in the workplace. >> we must stop hiding it and lying about it and that's why i am here. >> workers are planning another march as well as more marches in washington and new york. a lot of people are wondering where is summer? we will have more on a storm
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that blew through the sierra. we could see some changes, we will have your complete bay area forecast coming up next. you've never seen fast.
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. there was some wild weather in the sierra, severe thunderstorms came through. heavy rain fell and a flash- flood was in effect for toronto and alpine counties. just a few lingering clouds over the tahoe area. we can see a big build up. this is the radar at 2:00 this
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afternoon. look at the development in south tahoe. it was one inch every half hour and you can see the track heading out to the north and east. i am not allowed to show you just some lingering clouds with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. a closer inspection of the clouds out towards oakland and emoryville, you can see out to the east, towards dan i will have a few -- danville, we still have clear skies being reported and also in clayton and down the south bay, san jose reporting mostly clear skies but low clouds will continue to be on the increase. as far as temperatures compared to the average, in fact here is the average highs for rosa, liver moore and -- livermore and san jose, only in the upper
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70s. san francisco only 61 degrees livermore should be in the upper 80s but today we are upper 70s right around 77. we had torrential downpours and more fog is expected overnight and as we head into monday and as we head to the extented forecast we do warm things up. this seems like the weather pattern, nothing bumping out of the way just yet. some clouds near the shoreline. forecast highs tomorrow, a little cooler than today that means mostly in the upper 50s 60s and 70s. we will bump up those numbers thursday into friday. in fact here are the forecast models at 7:00. temperatures low-to-mid 50s. afternoon hours, more sunshinen
10:41 pm
land -- inland. patchy fog in san francisco. there is the eventual temperature range. it could be a little cool in a few spots. fairfield in the upper 70s with a breeze coming out of the southwest. tomorrow it will be 80 degrees. gilroy 76 and san francisco tops out 60 with patchy fog lingering into the afternoon hours. if you want warmer temperatures, you have to wait until tuesday and wednesday. by thursday and friday we will bump up those numbers and by friday we will have mid-$80 and if we are on track possibly a week from now the warmest locations could be approaching 90 degrees in the bay area. but that's the way it is looking now. >> the high in san francisco will be the same high in anchor
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rage -- age rage -- anchor rage alaska. well a major meltdown, tiger woods' worst tournament score ever. >> sports wrap is next.
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